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Blogging Elsewhere

I am currently blogging bi-weekly at Risky Regencies and sporadically at Heroes & Heartbreakers. I’m also working on a Historical Romance (about half way there) and a non-fiction on Jane Austen, not to mention my web design business, The Republic … Continue reading

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The case of the disappearing posts

Honestly, I have posted since March 14.  Unfortunately, my site was hacked.  I know!  Who would want to hack a little blog like this?  Apparently someone did.  So, in my attempt to remove any infected files (which I have now … Continue reading

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Constructive Procrastination

As any writer knows, procrastination is an important part of the writing life, whether you’re avoiding it or looking for a good way to engage in it.  My writing partner and I have been discussing (a good procrastination tool in … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m not a big celebrator of Valentine’s day.  Not in a personal way, at least, having no one to ply with chocolate and flowers and romantic dinners (nor, conversely, anyone to ply me with same).  However, as a writer of … Continue reading

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Lisa Kleypas’s Self-Made Men

Lisa Kleypas has created more than a few memorable heroes and heroines.  Two of my favorites are Derek Craven from Dreaming of You and Hardy Cates from Blue Eyed Devil.  Both of these are strong, self-made men who are made … Continue reading

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Crazy Cat Lady

I’m a cat person.  I’d be a dog person if I lived where it was practical to have dogs.  But I’d still be a cat person as well.  I currently live with three geriatric cats.  Meet the family. Ishmael will … Continue reading

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Kensington Gardens

My heroine is, at this moment, out for a drive with the hero in an open carriage. They have just passed the entrance to Hyde Park and, being new to London, she wonders where they’re going. They’re headed for a … Continue reading

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Jane Austen and Regency Fashion Plates

No, that’s not the name of a new book (although it probably will be one day).  This post is about one of my other jobs.  As you may know, I am the site manager at The Republic of Pemberley and have … Continue reading

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I might as well admit, up front, that I love food (I know – who doesn’t?).  My extreme love of dessert is thwarted by the fact that certain factors make it impossible for me to indulge on a regular basis. … Continue reading

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The DiCamillo Companion to British & Irish Country Houses

I thought it might be fun to suggest some books and web sites that I find particularly interesting and useful.  I’m going to start this off with The DiCamillo Companion to British & Irish Country Houses.  This Database, developed and … Continue reading

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