About me

I’ve lived in Regency England since I was old enough to read Jane Austen. Unfortunately, as no eligible peers presented themselves and I never could get vouchers for Almacks, I was forced to make my way by going into trade. So, I spent more years than I care to count working in the field of computer technology. It was rewarding, in its own way, but I never abandoned my first love.

In 1997, I found an interesting way to insinuate the 19th century into the world of technology when I joined a friend in creating a Jane Austen web site. I still manage The Republic of Pemberley and invite you to come visit us if your obsession runs to Jane Austen.

In 2003, I decided that, while I would never be Jane, I might try my hand at some version of the period. After all, if I was spending most of my free time there, I might as well write about it. In 2005, Kensington Publishing published Once Upon a Sofa and Just Say Yes, which was a finalist for RWA’s RITA award. In October, I will have a short story inspired by Jane Austen in Ballantyne Books’ anthology, Jane Austen Made Me Do It.

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