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Just Say YesJust Say Jes
Kensington Zebra
ISBN 0-8217-7851-X

Where you least expect it. . .
Weary of London’s social whirl, Geoffrey Dorrington, Earl of Cheriton, longs for the simple life — and what better place to experience it than on a relative’s country estate? His plan to pass himself off as the steward succeeds… until the day Miss Cassie Hartwell smiles at him. Damn it all — the vicar’s daughter is far too charming for her own good — and his. He will have to tell her who he really is…

. . .There is love
Cassie sees no reason not to talk to the friendly steward on the neighboring estate. After all, Geoffrey is well-bred, kind to animals, full of fun, and amazingly handsome. Even if her social-climbing mama expects her to marry well, Cassie has other ideas. And love is in the air…

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Once Upon a Sofa
Kensington Zebra
ISBN 0-8217-7850-1

Will a minor indiscretion
In a darkened library, Isabel Ashby kisses the earl whose house party she is attending. Then the door flies open and the rest of the party guests stumble in — and Isabel finds that she has kissed, not the earl, but a stranger! Major Sidney Chamberlayne is a dashing younger son without a feather to fly with, but he’ll have to marry her now. Still, it was an honest mistake and the room was very dark…can Isabel be blamed?

. . .lead to major happiness
Sidney is too much of a gentleman to do that — but they must marry in haste, though they know very little of each other. Fortunately, his darling Isabel seems eager to learn everything she can…especially when it comes to love…

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