Crazy Cat Lady

I’m a cat person.  I’d be a dog person if I lived where it was practical to have dogs.  But I’d still be a cat person as well.  I currently live with three geriatric cats.  Meet the family.



Ishmael will soon be 21 years old.  I’ve had him since he was about two and he’s the nicest cat you’d ever want to meet and a complete slut. He figures that the reason humans were born with hands is to pet him.  He’s doing remarkably well for an old guy and still enjoys life.



Russell is about ten, but I’ve only him for about a year.  He’s albino and was born deaf.  But his ears were also somehow damaged at some point in his past, so he sort of looks like Shrek.  I got him to keep Ish company after Ish’s other cat-cohabitants died.  He’s a sweetie and has no idea what a cat is supposed to sound like, so he alternates between baaaing like a sheep and sounding like there’s a small child being murdered in my basement.  I’m still not used to it.



Beau is also ten and fairly new to the family.  I have no explanation for his inclusion other than that I was with a friend who had gone to pick up a cat at the Massachusetts Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelter at Nevins Farm and there he was.  He crawled up onto my shoulder and blew in my ear.  I was a gonner and he found himself a home.

Three is enough.  I used to think that two was enough, but I’m determined to keep it at three or under.  The trick is going to be to stay away from the MSPCA.   But this does not keep me from visiting cat sites on line.  Here are a few from my daily rounds:

I usually start out Cute Overload,  This is not strictly speaking a cat site, but it does have its share of them and I never said I didn’t like other cute animals.  I do.

From there, I move on to another not-strictly-cat site, Zoo Borns.  As you might suspect from the title, the site is dedicated to new born animals in zoos around the world.  I’m particularly partial to the baby orangutans.

Then, the cats.  The first two are sites maintained by lovely women who foster kittens for their local Humane Society.  The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee is in the Seattle/Tacoma Washington area.  All I can say is thank God it’s on the other side of the country from me or I would probably have stepped over that three-cat line.  Laurie Cinotto, who maintains the blog, not only has some of the cutest kittens you’ve ever seen, she’s also a fabulous photographer.  My other favorite foster mother is Robyn Anderson who fosters kittens for Challenger House in Alabama and blogs about her cats and her life and Love and Hisses.  Robyn’s cats are adorable and interesting and Robyn makes me laugh.  And I don’t suppose you can have a post about cats on the web without talking about Maru who may be the most famous cat on the web and is certainly the most interesting.

So, if you’re interested in animals, you might enjoy these.  Someday I’ll tell you about my panda obsession.


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4 Responses to Crazy Cat Lady

  1. Laura Hile says:

    I’m a cat person as well, Myretta. But I’m too busy to have one! Thanks for sharing the photos of your sweet geriatric kitties. :)


  2. Chroma Lab says:

    Hi, Myretta! I loved reading about your kitty family. We also have three cats (in addition to a dog) and I, too, struggle to keep it to that number.

    Since you’re an IBKC fan, I thought you might like to read how our girl Maddie came from Laurie’s in Tacoma to our house in Boston! Part One: and Part Two:

    Please give you kitties a chuck under the chin for me.

    • Myretta says:

      I remember reading about Maddie’s trip, on the IBKC blog. I’m not sure I realized that you were her new mother. I loved the story. And now am even more anxious to meet you.