Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m not a big celebrator of Valentine’s day.  Not in a personal way, at least, having no one to ply with chocolate and flowers and romantic dinners (nor, conversely, anyone to ply me with same).  However, as a writer of Romance, I am a believer in … well… romance in most of its forms.

And Valentine cards seem to be one of its forms most prevalent at this time of year.  I don’t send these, either. No, I’m not a curmudgeon, just lacking in objects.  But think of the money I save in postage stamps!

Last year, I did a little overview of Victorian Valentines for Heroes & Heartbreakers.  No one does Romantic excess like the Victorians and there is something for everyone in the wonderful world of Victorian Valentines.  So, this year, Will You Be my Valentine?  Take a look at my Valentine Post from last year and see what’s in store.

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One Response to Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Laura Hile says:

    Myretta, that article at Heroes and Heartbreakers is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing it. The so-romantic Victorians take it on the chin for their sentimentality, alas. But you’ve gotta love that “Just Say No” illustration. Ha! Nothing says NO like a bucket of water!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!