Jane Austen and Regency Fashion Plates

Header image for the Pride & Prejudice board - French fashion plate

No, that’s not the name of a new book (although it probably will be one day).  This post is about one of my other jobs.  As you may know, I am the site manager at The Republic of Pemberley and have been since its inception in 1997.  The Republic of Pemberley is an interactive Jane Austen site, consisting of discussion boards for all the novels as well as lots of slightly off-topic discussion and quite a bit of collateral material on Jane Austen.

This year, we did a graphic redesign of the site.  For those of you who are interested in previous graphic designs, The Republic of Pemberley has albums here and here.  Our new design is based on fashion plates from Jane Austen’s era.

Header image for the Persuasion board - English fashion plate

It wasn’t possible to identify the exact year of many of the plates or even assure that they were all English.  All I could do was make sure that they were from the correct era and that they expressed the character of the page on which they appeared.  I had fun tracking down plates appropriate for each of our pages and thought you might like to see a couple here.  If you’re interested in the the rest, Take a look at the site.  You’ll find plenty.

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