Jeannie Lin’s The Dragon and the Pearl

I don’t usually read Romance set in China, nor do I read Historical Romance set in the Tang Dynasty.  That is, until I read Jeannie Lin’s The Dragon and the Pearl.  Now, all that might change.  She’s a gifted writer and I was caught up by her evocative story-telling.  Read my response to this book at Heroes & Heartbreakers and then go out and read the book.

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A love letter to the Carsingtons

Over at Heroes & Heartbreakers, I have recently been talking about historical romance series involving irresistible heroes.

I started out with Jo Beverley’s Mallorens because – you know – Rothgar (I think I mentioned this in an earlier post).

Today I am celebrating Loretta Chase’s Carsingtons.  Loretta is one of my all time favorite Romance novelists.  She has never written a book I didn’t love and the Carsington boys are right up there at the top of my favorite Loretta Chase Heroes.    In fact, Rupert Carsington, hero of Mr. Impossible might be right at the top, possibly knocking Vere Mallory (The Last Hellion) from that exalted position.

And yes, I love Dain (Lord of Scoundrels).  Really, who doesn’t?  But he’s a couple of notches down on my Top Loretta Chase Heroes list.  This should tell you something about the contenders.

Anyway, come on over to H&H and see what I have to say about these guys.  And if you haven’t read them, do.  They’re worth getting to know.

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In which I take a look at Viscount Breckenridge

Over at Heroes & Heartbreakers, I’m talking about Stephanie Laurens’s latest Cynster book, Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue. I fell in love with the orignal Cynsters (mostly Devil, Vane and Gabriel) and then sort of stopped reading them. It was fun to revisit the familiar tropes. This is classic Stephanie Laurens. If you’re pining for a strong but reluctant man and a strong but resistant woman, this one’s for you.

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Say it with me: “Rothgar!”

Well, yes.  It’s been 11 years since Devilish was published, but The Marquess of Rothgar is as fresh in my imagination as the day he stepped into my life in My Lady Notorious, the first of Jo Beverley‘s Malloren books.  Of course, the Malloren world continues and Rothgar pops up occasionally.  But those first five books gave us some stupendous characters.

I have more to say about the Mallorens in my first Groups of Fascinating Men post at Heroes & Heartbreakers.  Come on over.

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It’s not only Historical Romance

My reading extends beyond Historical Romance (although there’s plenty of that) and research.  Yes, add me to the J.D.Robb fans.

Here’s a blog I wrote  for Criminal Element:

Nora Roberts has written 32 books as J.D. Robb (and that’s not counting the novellas), and still I look forward to each new release. Blessedly, this prolific woman is still publishing two a year.

I’m sure it must be true that you cannot write at this pace without turning out a clunker or two. And I know it’s true that not all of the In Death novels have made it to my re-read shelf. But the quality, while not precisely consistent, has not trailed off, which is what you might expect after 20 or 30 novels featuring the same characters.

Read the rest here:

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The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton

I just finished gobbling up the first three books of Miranda Neville’s Burgundy Club series, about rare book collectors (an enticing organizing scheme).  The third book, The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton will be released on July 26.  I reviewed this for Heroes & Heartbreakers and had a great time reading it.

This fun book is a lovely tribute to romance novel tropes, taking several well-recognized romance themes and melding them into a diverting whole.  Read my review  here:  and then read the book.

And make sure you don’t miss the ice house scene.

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Now what?

So, I’ve created a new site with a blog as the front page. Is this a mistake? I can’t leave it sitting here empty, so now I have a new project.

Here it is, then.  What would you like to see here?

Jane Austen Made Me Do ItThose of you who have read my books know that it has been several years since I’ve been published. I’m thrilled to have a short story appearing in the lovely Laurel Ann Nattress’s anthology, Jane Austen Made Me Do It which will be released in October. And I’m working on something new. Since I’m back in the saddle, it seemed like a good idea to update my site.

As you probably know, if you’re not here by accident, my first love is Jane Austen and her era. But there are a ton of Jane Austen sites out there, not the least of which, The Republic of Pemberley, was my first foray onto the web and which is still a large part of my on-line life. So this won’t be a Jane Austen site, although I’m sure she’ll pop up on occasion. It might, occasionally be a Georgian/Regency site as I run across interesting things during my research. I suppose it could just be a “what I’m doing” site, but, frankly, those are usually of limited interest to anyone but my closest friends.

I’ll keep trying. Stay tuned.

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Welcome to my new site

I’m trying out WordPress as my new site platform.  What do you think?

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