Welcome to my new site

I’m trying out WordPress as my new site platform.  What do you think?

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6 Responses to Welcome to my new site

  1. Laurel Ann says:

    Lovely Myretta. Very elegant indeed.

  2. Laura Hile says:

    Hi Myretta!

    I’m late to the party, having just discovered this from your listing on the Jane Austen Made Me Do It! website.

    And you’re published? Regency? (As I said, I’m late to the party!) Delightful to see you again, my friend. You’ll remember me as Laura Louise at Bits of Ivory. :)

  3. Myretta says:

    Hi Laura. It’s nice to see you here. I am published in Traditional Regency. Am working on a single title MS, but it’s still in the early stages. I remember you (and your excellent work) very well.

    • Laura Hile says:

      Alas for the dismal (overwhelming) early stages!

      I’m mired in the same, madly outlining a follow up to my three-book Mercy’s Embrace (which has been straightened out to follow Austen’s ending in Persuasion). I will look for your books, my friend. The Regency genre is crying out for clever, witty writing. And since you’re that way in person, I know your books will deliver!

  4. admin says:

    Hi Dorena. I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. I’m using feedburner and will check to see if they know what’s causing it. And, welcome to the site.